SLAUGHTER BEACH, DOG - Motorcycle.jpg 12EP
SLAUGHTER BEACH, DOG - Motorcycle.jpg 12EP

SLAUGHTER BEACH, DOG - Motorcycle​.​jpg 12"EP

SGD 36.00

Label: Lame-O / Run For Cover Following up Jake Ewald’s side project from Modern Baseball, Slaughter Beach, Dog have released their new EP Motorcycle.jpg via Lame-O Records on July 14, 2017. Taking a turn from the imaginative debut record Welcome, Motorcycle.jpg is a somber wave of instrumentation and lyrics similar to Mobo’s MO (e.g. Modus Operandi). Starting off with “Your Cat,” the track is a retro-inspired ballad about going to a party and talking to a girl, or could it be about lying to your doctor about how much coffee you drink? Then again, with the premise of Welcome being about a completely imagined world, the assumptions might fall to the wayside. Ewald’s train of thought is tough to pinpoint. The best track of the EP, “Your Cat” is the most upbeat song with bright acoustic guitar and melody. While there is lagged melody and harmony, the EP overall is a great record for those who enjoy Sports., Mat Kerekes or pine. As a snippet between Welcome and what comes next, Motorcycle.jpg is a great filler for restless summer nights and time spent daydreaming.

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