SNAPCASE - Designs For Automotion LP (Colored vinyl)

SGD 38.00

Label: Victory Records Is Snapcase the next Fugazi? No, but consider the similarities: both are among the tightest punk combos on the planet, spitting bile and yet not afraid to cry; both groups also have unusually large fan bases that have little to do with radio or MTV play. Snapcase's Designs for Automation (their third full-length) is like a pillow full of nails--sharp and meant for the head. The loud lock-'n'-load guitars bust out of the gate in a hurry, but careful listens reveal more psychedelic corners: "Bleeding Orange" and "Ambition Now" cut deep and have room to stretch out. Like all good punk rock, Designs for Automation is all about giving the status quo the old heave-ho. Like all great punk rock, it sets a sonic benchmark for aggression, volume, and soul. Snapcase's old-(Fugazi)-meets-new-(Rage Against the Machine) sound is either the future of punk or the end of pop.

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