SOFT KILL - Dead Kids R.I.P. City 2xLP Yellow vinyl

SOFT KILL - Dead Kids R.I.P. City 2xLP (Yellow vinyl)

SGD 50.00

Label: Cercle Social Records Gatefold sleeve double LP, small repress on yellow vinyl for retail. Two years in the making, desperate, redemptive, its contrast of light and shadow favoring the latter, Dead Kids, R.I.P. City is like no other album in the genre, a kind of doom pop Drugstore Cowboy featuring the brave and abandoned, the tender and the afflicted, all teetering in memory on the edge of the city. For all the sadness and pain of addiction haunting it, however, the record, by its very existence, proves that hope doesn't necessarily win but that, even if at great cost, it can. It's what makes Dead Kids, R.I.P. City so powerful beyond just the scope of its dark luminous sound and indelible melodies, and is one of the many reasons you'll carry it with you.

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