SORORITY NOISE - Youre Not As _____ As You Think LP

SORORITY NOISE - You're Not As _____ As You Think LP

SGD 39.00

Label: Triple Crown Records You’re Not As might be something closer to emo’s Tonight’s the Night, a matter-of-fact, insomniac wake for those who died too young by their own hand. “I’ve got friends who’ve died, but everything’s going to be be alright,” Boucher sings on “Where Are You?” and if he doesn’t actually believe it in the moment, the show must still go on. During another restless night in the van on “Car,” Boucher muses, “It’s not ideal, but I’ve never felt more alive” and the glimmer of hope in those words feels earned. Hearing these lyrics yelled back at him as a show of solidarity might finally allow him to rest easy. Vinyl pressed on White with Orange and Light Blue Splatter, includes download card.

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