SUIS LA LUNE - Distance  Closure LP

SUIS LA LUNE - Distance / Closure LP

SGD 34.00

The act of acquainting one's self to a clearly deliberated album is a unique sort of commitment- it is the beginning of a relationship with the musical ideas of another, concepts which are as fleshed out as their creators intended them to be. The better you get to know these songs, the more you are able to rely on them - they might come to you when you feel distressed, or even when you just need an escape from everyday concerns. I think this is why Distance/Closure has already cemented a place in my heart, and certainly a larger one than any of screamo band Suis La Lune's other releases - because while all of the music contained within it is emotionally volatile, it feels almost as if that instability is what fueled the record to be so carefully written. 2012's Riala was the prettiest mess, a compilation of emotive thoughts and considerations that could've easily been stretched out into a longer-length release. But Distance/Closure just feels right - in it Suis La Lune seem more comfortable embellishing on fewer musical ideas, sprawling them out only when they know they've got something worth working with. "Within," the release's twelve-minute closer and true highlight, is so methodically paced that every subtle shift, each gradual transition is entirely warranted. The ambient ending to the record makes sense because it perfectly captures the moods of the rest of the release, but without words or rhythmic cues. It operates with chords only, ones meant to evoke some sense of comfort in spite of the sensation of feeling lost or alone.

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