SUN JUNE - Somewhere LP Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl
SUN JUNE - Somewhere LP Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

SUN JUNE - Somewhere LP (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)

SGD 38.00

Label: Run For Cover Somewhere, the second full-length from Austin-based ‘regret pop’ band Sun June, is both universal and personal, infinite yet fleeting. It exists in the memories of lead singer and songwriter Laura Colwell, as she flips through snapshots of time spent with a lover, pinpointing cities and events to create a roadmap of their journey together. Each vignette is imbued with affection, shimmering in soft, pastel hues, though they often carry a sense of melancholy in the stories which unfold; these pensive recollections subside before they weigh too heavy, hope breezing through the record like wisps of cool, fresh air. Bassist Justin Harris and drummer Sarah Schultz are a steady presence throughout, setting the pleasantly languorous pace, while Michael Bain and Stephen Salisbury provide heavenly melodies on guitar. Flourishes of keys are laid down by Colwell herself, interwoven with the other elements to form a richer, fuller atmosphere than their previous work. No matter where it is, Somewhere is a place of subtle beauty to find solace in.

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