SWAIN - The Long Dark Blue LP Mint Vinyl
SWAIN - The Long Dark Blue LP Mint Vinyl

SWAIN - The Long Dark Blue LP (Mint Vinyl)

SGD 46.00

Released via End Hits Records on September 9th, The Long Dark Blue is the result of 20 days of work in Baltimore, USA and it definitely sounds like a step forward recording wise. On these 13 new tracks, Swain have decided to push themselves out of their comfort zones with a renewed but extremely interesting sound and approach. It definitely paid off. In a departure from the primitive aggression of albums past, Swain has definitely incorporated more melody and diversity in their song writing, which really adds a ton of dynamic to this record. In the end, there’s just no point in comparing this record with TRIH’s previous material, as it sounds totally different and unique. As a follow up to Howl which was a total banger, The Long Dark Blue sounds less straight forward but it’s perhaps their best output yet. Their sound is still firmly rooted in a punk vibe and it’s just impossible to get bored while listening to these songs. Swain have taken risks and came back with a completely accomplished, stimulating and dense record under the belt that really depicts their mindset. After such a doubtful period for them, it’s nothing short of stunning.

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