THANK YOU, IM SORRY - Im Glad Were Friends LP Olive In Gold Vinyl
THANK YOU, IM SORRY - Im Glad Were Friends LP Olive In Gold Vinyl

THANK YOU, I'M SORRY - I'm Glad We're Friends LP (Olive In Gold Vinyl)

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Label: Count Your Lucky Stars / Run For Cover Thank You, I’m Sorry already showed off their strong song writing chops this year with their acoustic debut, The Malta House. Now, the Chicago-based group is back with a full-band follow-up, I’m Glad We’re Friends. For their new record, the band takes a handful of songs from The Malta House, adds a few new tunes, and replaces the acoustic instrumentation with a rollicking rhythm section of Bethunni Schreiner on bass and Sage Livergood on drums backing Colleen Dow’s candid vocals and jangly, melodic guitar work. With most of the songs clocking in at below two and a half minutes, the group wastes no time getting to the point with lyrics addressing the swirling anxieties of growing up and dealing with daily obligations that can easily overwhelm (no matter how small or simple they seem). Lead single and opening track, “Manic Pixie Dream Hurl,” is a great example as the song sets the tone for the bouncy basslines and fill-heavy drumming that creates a style placing Thank You, I’m Sorry comfortably alongside their indie/emo peers, while still maintaining a unique, distinct sound of their own.

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