THIS WILL DESTROY YOU - New Others Part Two LP Colour Vinyl

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU - New Others: Part Two LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 38.00

Label: Dark Operative With their critically acclaimed New Others Part One having been released on September 28th of this year (2018) and a North American tour in support thereof scheduled throughout this fall, it would have seemed that post-rockers This Will Destroy You had their hands full the last few months. It’s certainly a workload that is as much as most modern artists can handle at one time. Apart from the release itself capturing a lot of attention, as the band would surely have been hoping for, New Others Part Two was hardly rushed through as a novelty album. New Others Part Two is a beautiful continuation and conclusion to New Others Part One. They both feel very much connected by the sonic sinew the band and producer John Congleton created here. This Will Destroy You sound as great as they ever have, and continue to push their sound forward.

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