TOE - Hear You LP Colour Vinyl

TOE - Hear You LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 42.00

The most contentious change to Tokyo post rockers Toe’s style on “Hear You” has been telegraphed for some time, but may still bother some: the inclusion of more vocal-driven work. While “For Long Tomorrow” featured minimal vocals, only really busting out the verse-chorus structure on album standout “Goodbye,” this album makes a much more forceful case for the inclusion of vocals.The group does a remarkable job of adapting vocals to their aesthetic. Nowhere on here do Toe’s characteristically loose arrangements get whipped into pure pop formation for a vocalist. Even the most “pop” song here, lead single “Song Silly,” features the same kind of loose and introspective soundscapes that have come to characterize their work. With a recently wrapped tour, fairly successful string of singles and new label backing, Toe may be set up for their most commercially successful year to date. And luckily, in terms of artistry, there’s little here that indicates that Toe has fallen off, or that they will. “Hear You” easily puts to bed any of those worries.

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