TRICOT - T H E LP Bone Vinyl
TRICOT - T H E LP Bone Vinyl

TRICOT - T H E LP (Bone Vinyl)

SGD 40.00

Label: Topshelf Records Tricot are a pretty big deal. They hail from Kyoto and play a brand of emo-tinged math-rock that has brought them a significant national following and a solid international fanbase. Their core trio - Ikkyo (vocals/guitar), Motifour (guitar) and Hirohiro (bass) - are an incredibly tight band and factor in their DIY attitude to the production and release of their music, along with a stellar live reputation, and on top of their attractive but insular math-rock credentials, you have one of the coolest, most reliable indie bands of the 2010s. T H E showcases the band’s pop sensibilities, technical chops and focused song writing in a way that leaves the listener in absolutely no doubt of their mastery of their craft. The musicianship is the real highlight here, rhythmically adventurous and very precise but also so unindulgent and confident that the shifting time signatures and angular tones seem like a natural vehicle for what ultimately comes across as accessible indie tracks.

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