TWIN PEAKS - Sweet 17 Singles LP
TWIN PEAKS - Sweet 17 Singles LP

TWIN PEAKS - Sweet '17 Singles LP

SGD 39.00

Label: Grand Jury Everyone’s favorite garage-rock band from Chicago has shared their first major release since 2016’s, Down in Heaven. However, the compilation of songs titled, Sweet ‘17 Singles, isn’t an album at all, but instead consists of various singles Twin Peaks released throughout the duration of 2017. This compilation is dreamy, retro, and reminiscent of 60’/ 70’s folk rock music. With that being said, this relaxed and dreamy feel, is something somewhat new for the band. Sweet ‘17 Singles showcases a very different sound for Twin Peaks, when comparing it to their previous work. Whether you despise the fact that Twin Peaks compiled all 12 singles they released throughout 2017 into one release or you enjoy it because now you can purchase one vinyl LP and listen to them cohesively, Twin Peaks has done it again. They’ve released yet another effortlessly cool collection of songs that is bound to make you eager for more.

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