USED, THE - Self-Titled 2xLP Colour Vinyl
USED, THE - Self-Titled 2xLP Colour Vinyl

USED, THE - Self-Titled 2xLP (Colour Vinyl)

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Label: Hopeless We are not sure how The Used managed to get everything right on their first album, but they did. Their self-titled album has everything a post hardcore fan could want, from the well-timed screams to the variety of song structures. Aside from the vocals, the instrumentation is also better than one would expect. ‘Say Days Ago’ is packed with energy and pounding drums, but gets better towards the end with guitars that absolutely shred alongside McCracken’s screams. There’s not a bad song on the entire album and each one showcases solid musicianship. Whether you’re a big fan of the genre or not is beside the point. The Used is the album that’s likely to even please those who don’t like the band’s other material. Their later albums seem to have good songs and some even give us a glimpse of their glorious past, but they are weighed down by unnecessary filler and too much experimentation. This is simply not the case on the band’s debut. It knew exactly what it wanted to be and adhered to more of a straight up rock sound.

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