V/A - Java-Java Indonesia Screaming Fuzz Vol 2

SGD 42.00

Label: Nosmoke The edition of the first volume of ”Java-Java” would have fond to disclose the incredible talent of many of the bands of Indo-Rock. But, following a good tradition in this type of histories, what it came after this only helped to prove that has gold not to remove inside of the cave and of this, in “Volume 2” there are even more captivating experience of “60´s crazy Garage”. The album is risen mostly at the expense of the always delicious music that is produced by these bands and once we get the work of the most enchanting and masterful Screaming Fuzz. Voices in phantasmagoric spiral, crazy sounds of fuzz, beat and surf, circulate and are processed by our ears slowly in growing pack-in the ones until the uncontrol. This is a music that seems to evade it the words and explanations, but somebody had that making and therefore I affirm that Volume 2 of “Java-Java” is again essential.

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