VA -  The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore LP

V/A - The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore LP

SGD 36.00

Larry Livermore has long been King Midas in the world of pop-punk. Despite leaving Lookout! Records, the influential label he founded, in 1997, he’s always kept a keen eye on upstart U.S. punk bands. On the 16-song compilation The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore, Livermore joins forces with Billie Joe Armstrong’s Adeline Records to collect some of the best pop-punk bands currently pogoing in large and small towns across America. The amount of really great punk bands on here is staggering and hearing 16 of them back-to-back with short blasts and catchy refrains really puts the strength of the current scene into perspective. Livermore also has a knack for picking great songs and smooth sequencing, with each track on the comp flowing to the next. The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore bolsters the theory that not only are there more than enough bands carrying on the spirit of the early Lookout! Records scene, but it might just be time for the King Midas of pop-punk to return to his throne.

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