VARSITY - Fine Forever LP Transparent Blue Vinyl

VARSITY - Fine Forever LP (Transparent Blue Vinyl)

SGD 38.00

Label: Run For Cover Varsity’s new record, Fine Forever, assembles the strongest points of the bands discography for an infectious listen. Leaning more heavily into the softer, indie-pop flavour of 2018’s Parallel Person, the band has done a great job reigning in and balancing out driven riffs more similar to the self-titled debut. The bite is still there, but placed appropriately across the album. The whole record has a familiar 70’s tone and structure. There are slick bass lines walking throughout, and the leads don’t feel oversaturated by too many effects. With a ton of brightness and compression, the music is a tightly stretched cord that rings with a velvet smoothness. The harmonies are spot on, the syllabic meter bounces well, and the vocal placement in the mix is astute. For that matter, the levels on the entire album are very balanced. Fine Forever is a summer album, a long drive on a state route with the windows down, a record spinning in someone’s family room or basement; the one with the shag carpet leftover from when the house was built in the 1960’s because they couldn’t be bothered to tear it up.

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