VEX- Sanctuary 12

VEX- Sanctuary 12"

SGD 32.00

Label: Bomb-All Records Anarcho Goth Punk, originally released on Fight Back Licensed by Cherry Red Music. Limited on 500 copies! Anarcho punk band, hailed from London, United Kingdom. Soundwise the band was more inspired by Killing Joke or UK Decay than by most other anarchopunk bands like CRASS or Conflict for instance. Despite only being active for a few years in the mid-1980s, Vex left a huge legacy in underground circles for their affecting brand of anarcho-punk. Until now, it was almost impossible to find an original copy of their essential Sanctuary 12-inch on Fight Back Records. Drop the needle for a lean 15 minutes by a very well balanced band that combined the angst of punk with the ethereal vibe of positive punk.

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