WESTKUST - Junk 12EP Colour Vinyl
WESTKUST - Junk 12EP Colour Vinyl

WESTKUST - Junk 12"EP (Colour Vinyl)

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Label: Run For Cover Records Sweden’s Westkust have always existed at the brink of annihilation. Almost immediately after forming a decade ago, they endured a series of tumultuous line-up changes before solidifying in 2011 as a five-piece, including two members of fellow Gothenburg rockers Makthaverskan. Following the release of their 2015 debut LP on Run For Cover Records, Westkust presents the reissue of their 2012 12" EP, "Junk”, a grunge-tinged surf-rock record. These four tracks show off the band's noisy, fast, indie-pop style in a looser, less-refined fashion than on their full-length, but this raw sound is a reward for any listener. The song writing of the band's first release is still fascinatingly intricate: The expertly crafted vocal melodies of Gustav Andersson and Julia Bjernelind are a never-ending delight, only matched by the fuzzy, jangly guitar riffs and groovy bass lines you won't be able to get out of your head. 12" EP includes digital download.

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