YNDI HALDA - A Sun-Coloured Shaker 12EP

YNDI HALDA - A Sun-Coloured Shaker 12"EP

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Label: Burnt Toast Vinyl While Yndi Halda have previously worn the mantles of "instrumental" and "post-rock" music - especially with their 2006 debut Enjoy Eternal Bliss - their recent movements have occupied considerably broader territories. The closely-crafted vocal harmonies and new musicality of Under Summer - their acclaimed 2016 LP, have been continued in A Sun-Coloured Shaker, but their form is now embedded into a symbiotic world in which a love of true songwriting, meticulous post-classical arrangement, contemporary indie, choral music, and transcendent longform structure coexist. The band themselves reference inspirations as unexpected as Alice Coltrane, Akira Rabelais and Lonnie Liston Smith, whose influences subtly intertwine with more immediate comparison points. Like a terrible comet coming to hit the earth, and writing a list of things you would save first runs the repeated, principal lyric in the piece's would-be chorus. Yndi Halda can be well characterised by this line: their music is of sadness, lament, sorrow, but also full of light and ablution, delivered with joyousness.

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