YNDI HALDA - A Sun-Coloured Shaker 12EP Orange & Yellow Vinyl

YNDI HALDA - A Sun​-​Coloured Shaker 12"EP (Orange & Yellow Vinyl)

SGD 30.00

Label: Burnt Toast Vinyl Yndi Halda, having added a sixth member for their latest venture, are currently based across the South-West & South-East of the UK. Resuming the captivating journey of 2016’s album Under Summer, the band continue to diverge from their post-rock origins, developing their unique sound & songwriting style. The music flows gently like a river; the vocals bleeding in gracefully, often so tranquil as to go unnoticed, adding an entirely different facet to Yndi Halda. Like the unmistakable beauty of a morning sunrise, our existence is a miracle; one that allows us to feel, enjoy and make waves that truly resonate. The music urges us to reflect on all the wonderful things life holds and breathe in these moments. Where Under Summer envelops birth, nature & growth; A Sun-Coloured Shaker embodies life itself, then embraces what comes after. But, there is no darkness at the end of our world, no need for fear or regret; only quiet reflection & catharsis, as the Sun is forever shining brightly.

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