YOU BLEW IT - Grow Up, Dude LP

YOU BLEW IT! - Grow Up, Dude LP

SGD 36.00

Label: Topshelf On their debut, You Blew It! truly show improvement from their first two EPs, and will undoubtedly win over any remaining skeptics of their previous work (if there are any). Through the use of jangly guitar riffs and scatterbrained lyrics, Grow Up, Dude perfectly encompasses the genre’s quirky charm and rivals Snowing’s I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted as the best sing-along party emo album to have come out in recent years. Overall, Grow Up, Dude is an expansive emo release with a lot of depth to it. Though You Blew It! have not rewritten the book on the genre as we know it, their original songwriting and lyricism is refreshing nonetheless. The album may have its moments of reservation, but it is one that is best played loudly to small, cohesive crowds, and I, for one, will be disappointed if I do not get the chance to scream alongside the Floridian emo rockers in a basement this summer.

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