YUCK - ST Deluxe Version 2xLP

YUCK - S/T: Deluxe Version 2xLP

SGD 48.00

Shoegazing Brits Yuck's self-titled debut, which originally dropped back in 2011, is attitude caged, all sneer and snarl, fuzz and feedback. It hearkens back to the early '90s, maybe the last time rock truly ruled, and in light of PopMatters' exhaustive feature in 1991, there might be no better time than now for an album like Yuck. The band's picked up plenty of comparisons to seminal indie bands Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine for their distinctive marriage of fuzz-drenched guitars, stunning melodicism, and sheer noise. What's fascinating about Yuck is that they evoke all of these cornerstone bands of the early '90s without ever feeling hackneyed or derivative. Their songs are deceptively simple but never dull, with moods that vacillate between tossed-off and devastatingly sincere. This is an age full of great indie-rock revivalists, and Yuck may be near the front of the vanguard. This record makes for a rich, layered listening experience, whether the record's getting its first spin or its 50th, and Yuck ensure that there's never a dull moment along the way.

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