CHINA WHITE - Danger Zone 12EP Colour Vinyl
CHINA WHITE - Danger Zone 12EP Colour Vinyl

CHINA WHITE - Danger Zone 12"EP (Colour Vinyl)

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Label: Frontier Records Los Angeles had its own hardcore sound and within that Orange County had its own too. Frontier records did not discriminate and thank the fucking lord above, below, within or wherever that they didn't, because SoCal punk fucking had a lot to offer and this China White EP is testament to that. And call it hardcore if you want, and it was their scene so it would be apt, but the songs are in the two-to-four-minute range so this is just kick ass Punk Rock all the way featuring well-constructed, played and produced songs with a strong vocal presence, solid rhythm section and fuck me if I'm a blasphemer but killer guitar licks and solos sometimes done as overdubs!!! Put this next to any punk band of any place in the world and it holds weight. Here's an interesting hybrid for you. Frontier Records found 300 of the original "Danger Zone" EP jackets warehoused since 1981 (pre-barcode days). They made new lacquers and stampers from the original tapes and pressed new EPs on white vinyl. Part 1981, part 2018! Limited edition of 300. 12"ep includes digital download.

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