JETS TO BRAZIL -  Perfecting Loneliness 2xLP 180gram Vinyl

JETS TO BRAZIL - Perfecting Loneliness 2xLP (180gram Vinyl)

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On their third and final album, Perfecting Loneliness contains songs written by Schwarzenbach from his 6 weeks spent isolated from the rest of the world in a farm in Nova Scotia. The album draws much from the feeling of loneliness and despair. However, this feeling given from Schwarzenbach matches perfectly with the sublime piano, faint strummed guitars, and sparse drums, if any. The band states the album is about searching for God, love, and failing in both. Schwarzenbach originally had a few of these songs written as folk songs, but later showed them to the rest of the band and turned into the songs found on this album. While Schwarzenbach stands out often on the album as the main focus of the band, Jeremy Chatelain may quite possibly be the most talented member of the band. He excels in both tranquility and intensity, playing the most subterranean basslines to add the most beautiful touch to the Jets to Brazil sound. At times of intensity, he sticks to playing in the background, always adding a little bit of flair rather than just playing the roots of the chord.

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