SOUVENIRS - Love For The Lack Of It LP Colour Vinyl

SOUVENIRS - Love For The Lack Of It LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 44.00

Souvenirs’ new album Love for the Lack of It comes after the brutal autoimmune disease diagnosis of guitarist and vocalist Tim Riley. The opening track is slovenly and hazy, mirroring the disease that made Riley so weak he couldn’t lift a pencil. This particular listener saw the band play live years ago, before Riley’s diagnosis, at the DIY venue VLHS and their energy was palpable. In the lyrics are themes of love, loss, and alienation. There seems to be a desperation, a pleading to listeners to love each other while they still can. The record is drenched with Riley’s new lease on life, informed by his disease. The guitars twinkle in their brightness and melody, which are reminiscent of midwestern emo. The song writing is fully-formed, satisfying and emotional. These songs can be pretty, easy on the ears, and is simply quite beautiful. Some of Riley’s biggest influences while writing this album were Death Cab For Cutie, Pedro The Lion, and Jets To Brazil. It makes sense considering the deeply emotional nature of both his and the band’s transformation.

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