STRFKR - S/T LP (180g)

SGD 39.00

Since the release of their 2007 debut album, STRFKR have relentlessly toured across the globe, delivering to their fans a guaranteed non-stop dance party. Popping up seemingly out of nowhere in the Portland indie scene, Starfucker made waves quickly and generated a big time buzz on the PDX Pop Now! circuit as an adventurous synth pop/indie rock trio with a memorable live set -- becoming the most talked about "it" trio in the city of roses since Menomena first hit the scene. Singling out any song for additional praise is difficult; each track garners praise and demands to be listened to repeatedly. (Hell, even “Laadeedaa” is addicting when one is in the appropriate mood!) Presenting a coherent mix of indie rock, indie pop, electronica, and groovy samples from Alan Watts (“Florida” and “Isabella of Castle”) and NASA (“Hard Smart Beta”), Starfucker is a record which can easily be listened through its entirety in a single session – a fact which is aided by the record’s thirty-five minute runtime.

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