THE STORY SO FAR - Proper Dose LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 38.00

Label: Pure Noise Ever wonder what becomes of a pop punk band when the members grow out of their youth and adulthood starts setting in? Well let The Story So Far show you through their new album Proper Dose. For their 4th full length, TSSF once again entrusted their vision with producer and engineer Sam Pura and instead of placing a deadline on themselves for Proper Dose, TSSF took their time with the whole process to make sure they were fully satisfied with the end result. They pushed themselves to a whole new level and created an album with a vast amount of depth making this their greatest release to date. Every track on Proper Dose could strongly stand out as singles so when all eleven are combined something spectacular is made. Each member have grown exponentially musically and in life after living constantly on the road and in the studio. Through this album The Story So Far share the struggle in the balance between the person you were and the person you wish to be and they laid it all out on the table.

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