DO MAKE SAY THINK - Stubborn Persistent Illusions 2xLP (180gram Vinyl)

SGD 48.00

There is much newness in which to revel on Stubborn Persistent Illusions, the Toronto post-rock band’s first album in 8 years since 2009’s Other Truths, which will sound both familiar and peculiar to anyone who has spent time with their previous music. It’s the well-oiled sound of a band pushing the boundaries of a genre littered with tropes, without succumbing to any of them. Do Make Say Think’s songs don’t demand attention so much as reward it. The album is easy to let play through, but sometimes hard to feel intimate with its complexity. It makes for music that’s wonderful to live with, encouraging repetition while allowing for unconcentrated listening. In the oscillation from serenity to cinematic triumph, their music can seep into your conscious and float around your daily life, not so much a soundtrack as a pliable accompaniment. Even when it’s not competing for your attention, Stubborn Persistent Illusions feels impossible to put down.

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